CMS Allows Entry of Prescription Information Online

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced an upcoming enhancement to its Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Portal that will allow submitters to be able to enter prescription drug information directly to CMS online. Slated to begin on October 6, 2014, this new feature will:

  • Allow MSA submitters to indicate if a claimant is taking, or is expected to take prescription drugs as a result of a workers’ compensation injury, and to select those specific drugs through a lookup feature and add case specific information
  • Display the following information about those drugs: drug name, dosage, National Drug Code (NDC), price per unit and the number of years based on life expectancy
  • Calculate the expected drug cost using the monthly Redbook Drug Reference price that is in effect at the date of submission

CMS said that they will publish another alert prior to implementation with more detailed information. We will provide that info on this blog as soon as it is released.

To view the CMS announcement click here.


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