CMS Further Clarifies “Delete Record” Issues

CMS has attempted to further clarify some of the issues surrounding the pending reporting requirements set forth in Section 111 of the MMSEA. These new clarifications have undoubtedly resulted from issues raised during the registration and testing period for GHP RREs, which began earlier this month.

First of all CMS has brought attention to Deleting Records. They have updated their website to stress that the “Delete Record” function should ONLY be used for the following circumstances:

1. To delete an entire record that was created in error.

For example, if a record was created and posted (you received a ’01’ disposition code in your MSP Response File) and it never should have been created, a Delete would be used to remove the record. CMS goes on to say that if you submitted a file in error but never received a “01”, than there is no need to submit a “Delete Record” for that file.

2. To correct one of the following key fields in a previously successfully added MSP record: Effective Date, Insurance Coverage Type, and Patient Relationship. In these cases the Delete should be followed by an Add transaction containing the correct information.

CMS goes on to say that if other information changes, (for example, Termination Date), than the RRE is to follow standard Update procedures. Additional updates today include the posting of the transcripts from the April 8, 2009 GHP Town Hall Meeting and the April 9, 2009 Non-GHP Town Hall Meeting. They have also added the COBSW link to their Overview section of the CMS website. To view these updates in their entirety, please click here.


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