Medicare Lien Resolution

Medicare Lien Resolution Services

Medivest helps settling parties reduce payment burdens for past injury related medicals, helping them obtain a higher net settlement.  If you or your client has an existing lien, we may be able to dramatically reduce it.  For more information regarding our Lien Resolution Services click here. To get started today please call us at 833.922.1997 or fill out the form to be contacted by a Lien Resolution specialist.

Let Medivest direct the communication and negotiations for your lien resolution matters so that you can focus on your core business. Medivest will manage the entire process by confirming the existence of outstanding liens, verifying claimed lien charges are injury related, and negotiating satisfactory resolution to help obtain a higher net settlement.

Here is a list of some of the liens that Medivest can help to resolve:


Anyone receiving Settlement funds may be liable to Medicare for two times the amount Medicare paid plus interest if not timely resolved. It is best to allow Medivest to investigate Medicare liens prior to Settlement to avoid surprises and allow for timely disputes of non-injury related charges.

Medivest will notify Medicare of the Settlement Details to obtain your procurement cost reduction for no charge. Medivest will then submit a compromise request and/or waiver request depending on the case facts and circumstances. The response to this request is ideally obtained prior to the due date on the demand. However, even after a Medicare demand is paid, the government may agree with a compromise or waiver request, and reimburse injured parties based on fairness or financial hardship as applicable.


While not settled law, court trends indicate that private insurers administering Medicare coverage for Medicare beneficiaries may be afforded private recovery rights under the MSP, including the potential for double damages for Medicare related lien recovery, just like the government. Even if the double damages provisions were held to not apply in a particular jurisdiction, the private insurer would still have subrogation rights to recovery pursuant to contract and the MSP’s subrogation provision.


In addition to Medicare liens and Medicare Advantage Plan liens, Medivest can resolve liens in the following areas:  Medicaid, Veterans Administration/Tricare, FEHBA/Erisa Plan, Hospital/Private Insurance, and Mass Tort. For more details or information on how Medivest can assist you with resolving any of these liens please contact us at 833.922.1997.