MSPRC Announces R&R Review Complete; Suspension Continues.

On May 26, 2011, we informed you that the MSPRC announced a temporary suspension from issuing both the Rights and Responsibilities (R&R) and the Demand Letters because both of those letters were under review.

Today, the MSPRC announced, on their website, that:

  • Demand Letters – There is no change.  The demand letters are still being reviewed by the MSPRC and are still suspended until the review is completed.
  • R&R Letters – The review is complete, but the suspension will continue until the revised letters are made available on 6/10/11.

It is important to understand that nothing really changed with this announcement except that the MSPRC completed the R&R Letter review and expects R&R Letters to resume on June 10, 2011.

Stay tuned.

The official MSPRC 5/31/2011 announcement reads as follows:

ALERT UPDATE: Issuance of the Demand letters is temporarily suspended – Review of the Rights and Responsibilities letter is complete
The Demand letter for liability insurance (including self-insurance), no-fault insurance and workers’ compensation has been temporarily suspended while this letter is under review. The MSPRC is still working cases, and Demand letters will be mailed out once this review is complete. Review of the Rights and Responsibilities letter (“RAR”) is complete. Issuance of the RAR is anticipated to resume on June 10, 2011. A copy of the revised RAR will be made available by that time on this website.


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